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California Real Estate (Home-Study - 48 Hrs) C. E. Course

Both Sales and Brokers can easily completed in as little as 6 days

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Renew your Sales or Brokers License


  1. Must renew every 4 years
  2. Same package for Sales or Brokers
  3. Home study with books and written exams OR
  4. All online PDF books and online finals OR BOTH
  5. Has everything the State mandates including the 3 Ethics course you can use with NAR
  6. Can be completed in as little as 6 days
  7. Both Sales and Brokers take the 3 hr. Broker supervision course the DRE requires


The requirements are the same for Salespersons and Brokers so you can’t get the wrong course with us. They also require consumer protection courses and core courses. We have everything in one package.

The Department of Real Estate requires 45 hours of continuing education to renew your Real Estate license. You must renew your license every four (4) years. You can renew your Real Estate License online now with the DRE. If you don’t renew on time you still have another 2 years to Renew California license before you lose it.

The National Association of Realtors now requires an Ethics course every two (2) years. Our renewal package has that Ethics course as part of the 45 hours so you use it to renew with the Department of Real Estate and the National Association of Realtors. Both! Saves time and money! Can't do that with the 8 hour Survey course some schools offer. Click here to Order NAR ETHICS course!

Six day minimum with home study. 45 hours in a classroom if you do it with an instructor. Careful some online programs are 45 hours online.

Our online course is considered home-study and avoids sitting for 45 hours in front of a computer. Our courses covers your first four year renewal or your 20th year renewal so it will cover any renewal you are looking at. Also both Salespersons and Brokers must take the 3 hr. Broker Supervision course we have it.

Our programs are 3 days of study, 3 days of tests, or you can take longer if you want no rush if your due date allows more time. With us you complete homework and then take your open-book exams and that’s it.

We offer traditional materials, Books and written exams or completely online PDF books and online finals or BOTH a physical textbook and access to the PDF books and your homework and finals online, just print a certificate online. Mix and match if you want. 24/7 access online. LET US HELP YOU.

ONLINE Registered Students Only

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Check License Status

If you're not sure of your due date Click Here on this California Department of Real Estate website

If you don’t have a computer no problem you can fax your homework in for grading and take your Finals with a Dept. of Real Estate approved monitor in your area. Or Fax us here: (310) 838-1004

How Home-Study Course Works

It can be confusing but you’ll find we keep it simple. You get a workbook with three fifteen hour courses. The subjects are Continuing Education Digest, Real Estate Issues and the Core courses the State requires.

You can get the book material either in a book that is sent out to you, or you can get our material as a PDF File and review on any computer or device, even print it out if you like or get both the book sent and access to the pdf. Review your first 15 hour course paying close attention to the chapter highlight at the end of the chapter. Go online and get your homework graded. There is no pass or fail with the homework, but the homework is a great study aid for the final. Once you’ve done the homework go and take your final exam. The only restrictions are you must do the homework first before you can take an exam and you must allow three days for study and three days for the exams (15 hours every 24 hours). The testing site is available 24/7. You can take longer, but the quickest you can complete the home-study course is six days so don’t wait till the last moment.

The material is great reference for the working Real Estate professional, as well as educational for the Licensees, just keeping their license going until they start working in the field. It’s great for investors too. It’s easy and gives anyone with a Real Estate license the edge. 3 DAYS OF STUDY 3 DAYS OF TESTS that’s it, 6 days total.

However if you do it online you can print out a certificate on the spot and renew with the State at the States website It can be that fast! No waiting for a certificate.

Check License Status

If you're not sure of your due date Click Here on this California Department of Real Estate website

If you don’t have a computer no problem you can fax your homework in for grading and take your Finals with a Dept. of Real Estate approved monitor in your area. Or Fax us here: (310) 838-1004

If you have any questions Call us toll free
(800) 227-6321 or email us at


Course Description

To review a description for a specific course, click on the title of the course below:


CE Digest:

This course provides coverage of contracts in general with special emphasis given to the agency relationship created in the listing agreement. It explores the duties and responsibilities of real estate licensees in the daily operation of their real estate activities. The course delves into the major disclosures required in the completion of a real estate transaction.

Real Estate Issues

This course takes a look at ways of increasing energy efficiency in real estate housing. It also explores mortgage loan activities and lending. It provides the licensee with a working knowledge of the agencies that regulate the real estate lending process. The role of consumer protections, disclosures, and equal opportunities in lending are discussed. The course also covers the features of various types of security devices and methods of title acquisition.


Broader, more flexible, and in-depth coverage of the many aspects of ethics in the real estate industry. Provides coverage of conduct that is considered to be ethical in the practice of real estate. Also seeks to illustrate conduct that might be unethical and trigger a violation of one or more sections of the Business and Professions Code.


Covers the agency relationships created in a modern real estate brokerage practice. This course reviews the duties, required disclosures, and confidences legally required by an agency relationship. Discusses the delivery requirements of agency disclosures by both the listing and selling agents. The course also details the practical considerations created by in-house sales, cooperative sales, dual agency, and buyers brokerage.

Fair Housing

This course is designed to provide real estate licensees with knowledge of Federal and State fair housing laws relating to the sale and rental of real estate. It also covers both Federal and State civil rights and anti-discrimination laws relating to real property transactions and business establishments. The course illustrates practices that could be considered discriminatory in commercial and residential transactions.

Trust Funds

Provides the licensee with knowledge of the legal requirements for receiving and handling trust funds in real estate transactions. This course details the legal requirements for maintaining a trust fund account and the accounting records needed to account for trust funds. Also discusses topics such as the reconciliation of accounting records, audits and examinations, and consequences of trust fund conversion.

Risk Management

Assessing risks and reducing the potential legal liabilities that go hand-in-hand with operating a modern real estate brokerage is a key concern for both brokers and their sales associates. This course focuses on the control, reduction, avoidance, and shifting of risk to avoid the legal consequences of a lawsuit in the residential real estate market. It pinpoints specific areas of risk and how brokers and salespeople can effectively protect themselves in their day-to-day operations.

Broker Supervision

This course reinforces the importance of a Broker's responsibility to manage and supervise his or her licensees. Contain many necessary and helpful forms.

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