Brokers need to always build their Sales force and what better way than to have your own Real Estate license school in-house!

With Premier Schools you will won’t have to go through the approval process with the Bureau of Real Estate trying to become an approved course provider.

Our program is low cost and co-branding makes the courses your own.

You’ll have your own testing site with your company Logo and your own administrative site to keep track of your students’ progress. Print out your own certificates and get your students application up to the State quickly. While they wait you can train them for the State exam with you in either a classroom or on a home study bases. Premier Schools supplies the material and you teach.

Follow our once a week seven class program guide and you’ll keep your students interested, engaged and excited while preparing for the State exam and learning how to sell real estate. We supply you with your own book and practice exams with your current name and info.

Train them to sell real estate and prepare them for the state exam at the same time. After taking the state exam you’ll have a fully train agent ready to go! You have Agents in as little as 12 weeks!

The site is secure and no one has access but you and the student. Again it’s your own school. You don’t have to deal with CalBRE, Textbook supplier, print companies or a School. Your student won’t wander off or go somewhere else it’s customized to you and your Brokerage. Why wait. Other companies do it.

You be will be way ahead of your competitors and grow with your own sales force. We can even list you on our Job board for our students to see. Call Mike at 1 800 227-6321 for a phone consultation or a visit. You can also email your questions to

You get a FREE Study guide covering the 7 areas of information on the State exams. Great for a class or can be used by the student at home. Plus 8 Practice exams of a 150 questions each! These State exam practice test have the answers as well as a reason for the answer. Guaranteed to help your students pass the first time. Again you get these FREE for each student you sign up! No other School offers you these tools free for your students giving you a full package for your school

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