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Are you looking for a career in a fast growing industry? Are you interested in Information Technologies (IT) but not sure where or how to get started? The Premier Schools Software Development Lifecycle e-learning series offers comprehensive guidance on entering the IT field and choosing and excelling in the position that's right for you.

Our IT Training and software development series is a general course series that discusses SDLC processes and methodologies. Each course will help you understand the basics of the Software Development Lifecycle and what roles you may encounter in an Information Technologies career. This first course includes overviews of the Software Development Lifecycle and the role of a Project Manager.

This series was designed for those entering or who've recently graduated from degree-granting programs related to the Information Technologies field, who are unsure where to concentrate their college efforts and early-career experiences, and who may lack specific and direct guidance from an active IT professional. This course may also assist those who are already working in Information Technologies but are looking to move to a new role in the IT field, as well as those who may simply be looking to learn important milestones and requirements of other IT roles and responsibilities in order to advance their careers.

The Premier Schools Software Development Lifecycles e-learning series is an easy and convenient resource for prospective and current IT professionals, written by an active IT professional with over twenty years of IT experience. You may complete each iteration at your own pace and in the privacy of your own home. Our courses include a student guidebook that you can use to follow along with your e-learning, make notes, and study for each iteration's concluding quiz and templates that you can use as an IT professional or during IT internships to guide your workflow.

For an introduction to courses in Premier Schools Software Development Lifecycles e-Learnings, please click here. And please continue to check back with us for coming courses in:

  • The Role of Business Analyst in Business Analysis and Requirements Specification
  • The Role of Software Developer in Software Design and Development
  • The Role of a Quality Assurance Analyst in software testing

And other courses in

  • Infrastructure Build and Deployment
  • Change Management


There are no requirements or prerequisites for this course.

How Premier's SDLC Program Works

Premier Schools courses can be completed at your own pace and in the freedom of your own home. You will receive a student study guide that you may use to follow along with our courses. The courses take approximately 1.5 hours to complete. You will have an open book quiz at the end of your course to test your understanding of the materials.

At the end of your course, you will be provided with "templates" as PDF Files which you can review on any computer or device or print out if needed. You can use these templates after you complete the course and enter the IT industry. Each template represents the plan or specification required to support the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) process. Instructions will be provided within each section of the templates to guide you on how to plan and perform the SDLC activity and deliver an IT work product.

The Study Guide and Templates are great references for the working IT professional. Help will be available to you during your course and once you've entered the IT world. If you need help with your purchase of this coure, call us on one line 1 800 227-6321 during our business hours 9-6 M-Thurs, 9-4 Friday. .

Course Description & Pricing

Choose HIGH-QUALITY COURSES AT LOW, AFFORDABLE PRICES!! These are eLearning courses with a Student Study Guide and Templates that can be used once you land your job in the field of Information Technologies. The first course in the series includes:

Software Development Lifecycle (with an emphasis in Project Management)
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