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Premier Schools Inc. is now partnering with eXp Realty to give the full benefits of getting and having a Real Estate license


Are you looking to get your California Real Estate license and wondering where you can go and who will train you how to sell Real Estate?

Or maybe you have a license, maybe for years renewing it but you have nowhere to hang it and sell Real Estate. Or you just can't find a company to train you grow you give you the real training needed to make it. Maybe you're with a company that really has no or little training and you're struggling?

The sad fact is most Real Estate companies don't have the time or desire to train you so can make it in the field. Maybe they hope you bring in one or two deals make them money and if you don't succeed so what. Maybe they're afraid you'll take deals from them and secretly hope you'll go away. Or worst let you do all the work and then take the commission or most of it leaving little money and no real world experience to build on?

That's short sided and not very nice.

IN ADDITION TO MAKING YOU A PARTNER WITH THE COMPANY you will be earning stock in eXp just for selling houses (NASDAQ: EXPI). YOU ALSO HAVE THE BEST technical support anywhere to help you grow and scale your business.

There is a new Brokerage in town eXp Realty and they only win if you win. They want you to succeed because everyone in the company succeeds if you make sales. Lots of sales everyone wins big. In addition to making you a partner with the company earning stock just for selling houses. You also will have the best tech to grow and scale your business.

And you keep more of your money so really no one wins because they have their hand in your pocket.

They want you to win, they need you to win. They must train you and train you at every step of your career. Would you like a mentor that really cares how you are doing and is not afraid you take their business if you do well? This company wants you to get better and better even open up your company right next to them and they still will train you. Training, try this over 50 Live Classes a week!

Well if this interest you please call me at 1 800 227-6321 and ask for Michael.